Sunday, 10 April 2011

Baby CheckList

checklist.sume ni bukan aku leh nak beli skali jom tick mana yang dah ada :) Baby clothes tops pants romper sleeping suits mittensbooties/sockshats + caps binderjacket/cardigan recieving blankets baby shoes laundry basket Feeding bottles teats/nipples breast pumps breast milk storage bibs bottle brush detergent (bottle cleaner safe for infant) food warmer/bottle warmer steriliser drying rack (to dry bottles) pads nipple protector nursing pillow small towel Bath & body care Baby wipes towels bath tub bath net/sponge (to supposrt baby in the tub) body wash shampoo nail grooming set minyak telon baby oil lotion / organic virgin coconut oil (good alternative to lotion..less chemicals) cotton budcotton /cotton balls (to clean baby) nappy changing mat clothes detergent (infant safe) hair grooming Bedding & nursery Baby cot Rocker carseat mattres baby pillows bed sheet blanket baby cupboard Diaper bag ( to put all baby stuff when i'm out and travelling stroller